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About Vikram Jayaprakash

A noted practitioner with extensive experience in alternative medicine, Dr. Vikram Jayaprakash lives and works in Auckland, New Zealand. He specializes in the application of anti-aging, functional, and preventive treatment plans. In 2005, Dr. Vikram Jayaprakash immigrated to New Zealand from the United Kingdom in order to join one of the country’s largest medical facilities as an anesthesiologist active in the general care, obstetrics, pediatrics, and cardiac units. Currently, he serves as Medical Director of the clinic Younger By Design and as a general practitioner with the Marsden Medical Practice, both located in Auckland.

Prior to launching his career in medicine, Dr. Vikram Jayaprakash earned his General Certificate of Secondary Education from Hong Kong’s Island School and his Bachelor of Medicine from the University of Southampton in England. After completing his medical degree, Dr. Jayaprakash entered into a residency program with the Queen Alexandra Hospital, where he was trained in identifying and treating patients with renal-, oncological-, and dermatological conditions. From 2002 to 2004, he completed training in anesthesiology at St. Richard’s Hospital and Worthing Hospital before moving to New Zealand to continue practicing. At present, Dr. Vikram Jayaprakash oversees the medical team at Younger By Design and treats patients through homeopathy, detoxification, orthomolecular care, and other modalities. In his capacity at Marsden Medical Practice, Dr. Jayaprakash serves on a staff of highly talented practitioners with expertise in general and family medicine, as well as advanced surgical care.

With a desire to better serve his patients, Dr. Vikram Jayaprakash participates in several medical associations, including The AustralAsian Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners, and the International Hormone Society. During his free time, Dr. Jayaprakash can often be found playing with the Auckland Polo Club, volunteering for fund-raisers and charity events with his local Freemasonry chapter, as well as traveling to destinations worldwide.


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