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October 3, 2012 / vikramjayaprakash

The Phi Concept and Anti-Aging, by Vikram Jayaprakash

At Auckland, New Zealand’s, Younger by Design, Clinical Director Vikram Jayaprakash provides clients with anti-aging treatments and preventive medicine. While using bio-identical hormones, functional matrix models, and non-surgical procedures, Jayaprakash applies the Phi concept to his patients.

The Greek letter phi represents the golden ratio, a numerical concept found throughout nature and mathematics. In the realm of anti-aging medicine, phi refers to a balance within an individual’s life and body. As a person ages, many mental and physical elements decrease, causing an internal asymmetry.

Younger by Design teaches clients how to regain this balance by changing one’s diet and altering body functions. Combining these methods enables clients to achieve equilibrium, which allows them to obtain inner and outer beauty.

Balanced hormones represent a key element to anti-aging phi. Decreased and unnatural hormone levels lead to problems throughout the body, and Vikram Jayaprakash can re-establish a proper ratio that will improve skin tone, energy, mental clarity, and other areas.

November 21, 2011 / vikramjayaprakash

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